The Spiral

What is the Spiral🌀you ask?

It’s an 8 week journey where we travel through each of the 7 chakras, clearing out all of the unconscious beliefs and emotions that have become stuck within your emotional body. Those pieces that are holding you back from taking up space and shining your light out into the collective.

We start out at the root chakra where the heaviest/lowest vibrational emotions reside, and we work our way upwards through each chakra, raising your vibration along the way, eventually arriving at the crown chakra, where the highest vibration of our being resides.

How does the Spiral work?

The Spiral ðŸŒ€ consists of 7 levels based on the chakra system, combined with the Spiral dynamics and scale of consciousness, using muscle testing kinesiology with a little bit of NLP thrown in there too. It’s truly such a powerful combination of many different types of modalities all wrapped up into one framework that brings true and lasting transformation.

Level 1: Root chakra – Deserving
Releasing: Shame and increasing SELF-WORTH

Level 2: Sacral Chakra – Creativity
Releasing: Fear and increasing PROACTIVITY

Level 3: Solar Plexus – Power
Releasing: Anger and increasing SELF-CONFIDENCE

Level 4: Heart Chakra – Openness
Releasing: Wounds of the Heart and increasing LOVE

Level 5: Throat Chakra – Expression
Releasing: Low Self-esteem and increasing EXPRESSION

Level 6: Third eye – Vision
Releasing: Old views and increasing CLARITY

Level 7: Crown Chakra – Purpose
Releasing: Anything that is holding you back from aligning to your HIGHER PURPOSE

All sessions will be 60 mins and done remotely thru Zoom once a week for 7 weeks. After the 7th week we will take a two week break to allow for integration before we meet again for our final clearing session.

The 8th and final session we do what’s called a manifestation clear. Where we start from the crown chakra working our way down thru each chakra, clearing them one by one, bringing them up to 100% clear, which opens you up to receiving all that you desire to manifest into your reality.

I would love to hold space, support and encourage you along your path to discovering your most authentic and beautiful self. ðŸŒ€ðŸ’–🌀💖🌀

If this resonates and you feel ready to up level your life. I am currently taking 1:1 clients for sessions starting in 2022 mid January to early February (waitlist).

I am happy to hop on a discovery to see if we(the Spiral & myself) are a good fit for you.

You can reach me at

I truly look forward to connecting with you. ðŸ’•

P.s. Here is a little video from the creator of the Spiral himself Dane Thomas.

Sending love to your beautiful heart, ðŸ’ž

Tanya ðŸ’œ